What we do

Brian Heys Limited is a Salesforce Consulting Partner.
We work with small and medium-sized businesses
who want to better understand their customers,
sell more effectively, and speed and streamline their
marketing, sales and customer service functions with
the Salesforce® Customer Success Platform.

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Our goal is your business success…


The Salesforce® Advantage

Salesforce.com is recognised as the world’s number one platform for CRM. Using Salesforce® lets you sell smarter and faster, and connect with your customers. Anytime. Anywhere.


Where we fit in

As specialist Salesforce Consulting Partners we are dedicated to helping you get the most out of Salesforce® in order to gain a genuine competitive advantage for your business.


How we work

Instead of bombarding you with a list of everything that Salesforce® does, our approach is to help you to determine what Salesforce® can do for your business.

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Too much admin, not enough selling! For many small and medium-sized businesses, the concept of life without CRM is nothing new. Unfortunately, it’s everyday life. A typical day involves spending too much time on administration, and not enough on selling. Active sales teams generate large volumes of data and information. Even a single sales person who is out… Read More

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It has definitely opened my eyes to new worlds outside the typical IT realm! In this great Q&A I did with Ben Dannatt from Amsource Technology, I reflect on my journey towards becoming a Salesforce Consulting Partner. For me, one of the best things about partnering with Salesforce is how even though my business is separate,… Read More

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What if fear of rejection isn’t the problem keeping salespeople from prospecting or asking for referrals? Salespeople often cite a number of reasons for falling behind with their prospecting or asking for referrals. One of the most common is the claim that they are too busy with admin or keeping their CRM updated. However, this isn’t always… Read More

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