Being busy makes you less productive

Being busy has somehow become a badge of honour. The prevailing notion is that if you aren’t super busy, you aren’t important or hard working. The truth is, busyness makes you less productive.

There’s nothing like that feeling at the end of a busy day. The phone hasn’t stopped, you’ve answered all your emails, been to all those meetings, and now you’re heading off to a business dinner. You’re a busy person! But are you productive?

Many people take pride in their ability to ‘multitask’, even though what they’re doing isn’t true multitasking at all. However, the rest of us have known for some time that multitasking isn’t a good idea, and that it actually increases the time it takes you to finish tasks.

This is quick but interesting read, and of particular interest is the study by researchers from the University of Chicago which suggests that people are beginning to suffer idleness aversion – a fear of inactivity due to the belief that busyness = success.

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