Life with CRM

Focus on your organisation’s relationships and improve profitability!


If a business is going to last and grow, it needs access to reliable, up-to-the-minute information that supports the business and enables management to make informed and timely decisions. Unfortunately, many small businesses are used to life without CRM, and for them, missing out on sales opportunities due to neglected leads or lost information is an every day occurrence – but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Welcome to life with CRM.

With a world-class CRM like Salesforce in place, a business has a clear view of its customer information, with everything available in one place, including details of conversations held, emails exchanged, quotes, orders, and customer service issues raised. sales dashboards, and customer service issues.

Getting a detailed understanding of a business’s sales pipeline is a breeze. There’s no hunting around in different systems to pull data together to craft a meaningful view – everything is instantly available at the click of a mouse, giving crystal clear visibility into every opportunity or lead, making dashboards, reports and forecasting not only simpler and more accurate, but actually fun!

When a customer calls to talk about an opportunity, it doesn’t matter if their usual contact isn’t in the office. Everything is available in the CRM for another representative to refer to, enabling the whole sales team to work with, know, and understand every customer.

Using a CRM application like Salesforce can result in real bottom-line improvements:

  • Sales up by 37%
  • Sales productivity up by 44%
  • Forecast accuracy up by 48%

A few further benefits:

  • Easily identify and categorise leads.
  • Cut down on response time and boost sales productivity.
  • Focus time and energy on the right clients.
  • Increase referrals from existing customers.
  • Easily identify cross-selling and up-selling opportunities.
  • Better information about customers = better service.

To bring your business to life with Salesforce CRM, please get in touch to arrange a chat.

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