GDPR and the Salesforce CRM: what’s the impact?

A speculative look at how GDPR might affect businesses using Salesforce. Next May (2018) the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect in the UK, with the threat of severe consequences for those businesses who fail to comply. It’s fairly safe to assume that at least a handful of Salesforce’s 25,000 staff will be looking at how this will impact… Read More

Life with CRM

Focus on your organisation’s relationships and improve profitability! If a business is going to last and grow, it needs access to reliable, up-to-the-minute information that supports the business and enables management to make informed and timely decisions. Unfortunately, many small businesses are used to life without CRM, and for them, missing out on sales opportunities due to neglected… Read More

Five entrepreneurial qualities of top sales people

There comes a time when salespeople need to take a step outside of their employee mindset, and begin thinking differently with a more entrepreneurial approach. Salespeople are often characterized as overly zealous and manipulative middle-aged men. The stereotype many people think of is the used car salesman, pushy, smarmy, and more than a little untrustworthy.… Read More

Using CRM to drive incremental revenues

Many companies are recognizing that CRM software can provide added value by giving strategic insights into the customer behavior, drive organizational efficiencies, improve customer engagement, and lead to a significant increase in incremental revenue. It’s no secret that CRM can help sales people enjoy greater efficiency and lead to higher closure rates. However, it doesn’t stop… Read More

The business case for human-centred design

For solutions to take hold, they must be rooted in empathy and compassion for the very people who will be using and supporting them: The design must be human centered. In this thought-provoking article, Chokdee Rutirasiri discusses how technology solutions are often designed without taking the people who will use them into consideration. Many people… Read More

Why it might be time to scrap your work from home policy

We often go wrong trying to formalize policies around things that aren’t the important things. Really, does it matter where your employees do their work, as long as they get it done? If someone works in retail and needs to serve customers face-to-face, it’s not going to be possible to work from home. Similarly, if a person operates… Read More