A Salesforce Guide to GDPR

An opportunity for Salesforce to deepen commitment to data protection.   Salesforce.com Inc. has announced some resources to help customers prepare for GDPR. This is a welcome move, which demonstrates Salesforce’s ongoing commitment to data protection and builds on Salesforce’s existing robust privacy and security programme which meets the highest standards in the industry. An… Read More

GDPR and the Salesforce CRM: what’s the impact?

A speculative look at how GDPR might affect businesses using Salesforce. Next May (2018) the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect in the UK, with the threat of severe consequences for those businesses who fail to comply. It’s fairly safe to assume that at least a handful of Salesforce’s 25,000 staff will be looking at how this will impact… Read More

Life with CRM

Focus on your organisation’s relationships and improve profitability! If a business is going to last and grow, it needs access to reliable, up-to-the-minute information that supports the business and enables management to make informed and timely decisions. Unfortunately, many small businesses are used to life without CRM, and for them, missing out on sales opportunities due to neglected… Read More