The Salesforce Advantage

Customer Success has long been recognised as the world’s number one platform for CRM. Using Salesforce® brings together all your customer information, enabling you to run a customer-centred business from marketing through to sales and customer service. With Salesforce® you have the complete understanding of your customers that you need for success. That’s why Salesforce call it a Customer Success Platform.

Trusted cloud

With Salesforce®, the number one value is trust. The same cloud infrastructure is shared between all users of the service, and Inc. invests heavily in security and stability of the platform, which enjoys 99.98% uptime, and has never been hacked. Salesforce® is compliant with many security standards including ISO27001 and TRUSTe.


Your business data is stored in the cloud, but kept separate from the core Salesforce® application, as are your own customisations and apps. This separation guarantees that when Salesforce® is upgraded automatically three times a year (at no extra charge), your customisations and data will always be available and never be compromised by failed upgrades. You benefit from continuous innovation without the risk.

Fast app development tools

Salesforce® comes with a comprehensive set of tools to help you customise it the way you want to. If you need to capture certain specific data items, it can be configured to do that. If you need a specific type of dashboard or report, you can build it. Working with a Salesforce Registered Consulting Partner such as ourselves will ensure this is done quickly and cost-effectively, leaving you free to focus on running your business.


An entire ecosystem has sprung up around Salesforce, and independent partners around the world have developed over 4000 apps to-date, all of which are available in the Salesforce AppExchange. Many of these apps are free, and as Salesforce Registered Consulting Partners we will always try to identify an existing app that meets your needs in order to save the time and cost of reinventing the wheel.

Discover where we fit in as a Registered Consulting Partner in the Salesforce Ecosystem, or contact us now to setup a meeting.