Our role in the Salesforce Ecosystem

Our goal is your business success. We work in partnership with Inc. to help you get the best return on your investment in the Salesforce® Customer Success Platform, in as short a timeframe as possible.

As specialist Salesforce Registered Consulting Partners we are dedicated to helping you get the most out of Salesforce® in order to gain a genuine competitive advantage for your business. Our end-to-end service encompasses everything you need from initial consultancy through to ongoing support.

Helping you enjoy ROI as soon as possible

Salesforce® is recognised as a premium solution, and with that comes cost. However, according to a study carried out by IDC in September 2016, customers say they have experienced payback from their Salesforce® technology investments in thirteen months or less. Over four years, an investment in Salesforce® should yield three to five times the financial benefits compared to costs.

We want to see your business become the next Salesforce® success story.

Quick-start or restart?

We offer quick-start packages if you are looking to get started with Salesforce® for the first time. These typically include initial consultancy to determine which edition is right for you, assistance with implementation and data load, and training for standard functionality.

We also offer re-start packages if you have been using Salesforce® for a while but feel you aren’t getting the most out of the platform. These typically involve consultancy to determine why things haven’t worked out, assistance with remedial plans and actions, and training for any new functionality introduced.

Ongoing support

As your Salesforce® journey unfolds, we will continue to be with you every step of the way. We offer custom ‘peace of mind’ support plans tailored to your requirements – for a monthly fee we provide 1st-line support for all your queries, together with a fixed level of customisation which you can carry forward from one month to the next.

We’ve been around a while. For nearly two decades we have been providing IT consultancy services to support the evolving businesses of a diverse UK client base. We now specialise in Salesforce®, but our broad experience means we understand and are sensitive to the challenges and complexities of IT-led business change.

Find out how we work, or get in touch now to start discussing your requirements.